Things To Do In Singapore This Weekend

Singaporeans are some of the most creative people in the world. They have taken an island with no natural resources and turned it into a vibrant city, filled with fun things to do at every turn! With so many options for weekend activities, it is a great opportunity to get out there and explore what Singapore has to offer. We've put together this list of our favourite activities for you so that you can plan your perfect weekend away from home or even from the comfort of your home.

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1) Art Jamming

Things To Do In Singapore This Weekend - art jamming workshop

In order to avoid using plastic bags, we are encouraged to bring our own shopping bags. For those who would like to customize their own bag, you can attend the Art Jamming workshop! Unleash your creativity and design and paint on your very own bag. You will also receive a one-of-a-kind product at the end of the session.

This is a great opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones and learn about art appreciation, all in one go!

2) Terrarium Workshop

Things To Do In Singapore This Weekend  - terrarium workshop

Interested in creating your own garden but don't want to waste time on maintaining it? Attend a Terrarium workshop and learn how to design a colourful, fun container. The final product is perfect for any home or office and provides a relaxing view that can make you feel at peace. This workshop is one of the most fun classes to take in Singapore, perfect for all ages!

3) Leather Workshop

Things To Do In Singapore This Weekend  - leather workshop

If you enjoy stitching and personalized projects, join a leather class in Singapore! In the workshop, participants will learn to sew different types of leather as well as create their own choice of leather goods. Lastly, visitors can design an initials debossing into their new creations for a personal touch!

4) Candle Making Workshop

Things To Do In Singapore This Weekend  - candle making workshop

Gel Candle Making Workshop is one of the fun things to do in Singapore as a result of popularity! Unlike traditional candles, Gel candles allow you to customize them with your preferred fragrance and figurines. They also help ease your mind by formulating a calm headspace.

5) Clay Making Workshop

Things To Do In Singapore This Weekend  - clay making workshop

We all know that real life-sized food can be expensive. But now, you too can make your own realistic looking cuisine using this creative workshop for the whole family! Join us and witness firsthand what it’s like to sculpt miniature dishes using clay!

The clay making workshop is guided step-by-step and no prior knowledge is needed. It's perfect for teams looking for an enjoyable team activity suitable for a wide range of ages! Beginners would have no issues following along as well.

6) Balloon Sculpting Workshop

Things To Do In Singapore This Weekend  - balloon sculpting workshop

Balloon Sculpting Workshop is a fun and interactive workshop that trains kids and adults about the different patterns, colours, and textures of balloons. Once you've learned about these concepts in class, work with your teammates to create a balloon pirate sword, butterfly, rainbow or any other design!

If you’re hosting a birthday party this weekend or even looking for some inspiration with team building, head over to Balloon Sculpting Workshop! The Fun Empire has your back!

7) Virtual Art Jamming

Things To Do In Singapore This Weekend  - virtual art jamming

Art Jamming is a great way to bond with your friends, colleagues or family. The Fun Empire’s Virtual Art Jamming Workshop includes an individual kit containing all painting materials, sent straight to your doorstep before the event date. Spend a relaxing session virtually with your loved ones as you enjoy art from home!

8) Virtual Terrarium

Things To Do In Singapore This Weekend  - virtual terrarium

One way to create an enjoyable experience for your friends, family and colleagues is by creating a terrarium from home. Join The Fun Empire's Virtual Terrarium Workshop this weekend for a fun and creative hands on activity that everyone can enjoy.

9) Virtual Leather Workshop

Things To Do In Singapore This Weekend  - virtual leather workshop

Do you enjoy constructing DIY projects in a laid back atmosphere from home? Try attending The Fun Empire's Virtual Leather Crafting Workshop! Share your creative ideas with like-minded team members as you make your individual crafts and learn from others during this relaxing, enjoyable environment.

10) Virtual Clay Workshop

Things To Do In Singapore This Weekend  - virtual clay workshop

Explore the art of clay making with The Fun Empire’s Virtual Clay Making Workshop! Learn how to make realistic looking food and sculptures. Perfect for evening events like relieving stress and increasing team bonding! If you're looking for a fun and creative experience, do give this activity a try!

Things To Do In Singapore This Weekend

And there you have it - 10 Fun & Creative Things To Do in Singapore this weekend! These are activities that people can participate in to enjoy the company of others while simultaneously having fun and relaxing. Spend your leisure time wisely by joining any one or all of these things to do in Singapore! Otherwise, you may visit

The Fun Empire has various venues to host your event, hence it is one of the best and fun places to visit in Singapore! If you're wondering what to do in Orchard, you can try museum hopping.

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