Epic Workshops

Singapore is one of the most popular destinations for travellers in Southeast Asia. The country offers a lot of things to do and see, but many people overlook the Epic Workshops that are available. Perfect for team-building, birthday parties, and more, Epic Workshops offer some of the best experiences around. Many Epic Workshops have been created by locals who want to share their passion with others. This means that you will not only find workshops on photography or cooking but also ones on music and dance as well!

1) Leather Workshop

Leather Workshop - Epic Workshops

Are you interested in acquiring new skills? If you love your leather products, it might be time for you to make your very own. Come together with your colleagues at work and make a company card holder for your department! Team building has never been so innovative. The session will be relaxing and does not require much thinking, unlike puzzles games such as an Escape Room. Get to build character, leadership, teamwork and creativity with such Epic Workshops and interact with your colleagues outside of work.

2) Terrarium Workshop

Terrarium Workshop - Epic Workshops

Enjoy an epic Terrarium Workshop from the comfort of their own home together with their friends, colleagues or family. Terrariums are self-sustaining glass globes that house plants. Little to no care needs to be given to them and they can survive well on their own. You will have the option of a physical workshop, virtual workshop or a home kit delivered to your very doorstep. The Terrarium Workshops will be fully facilitated by our certified trainers and they will guide you through the theory and practical aspect of making your own mini garden. What are you waiting for? Grab such Epic Workshops while you can.

3) Art Jamming Workshop

Art Jamming Workshop - Epic Workshops

Art Jamming Workshops are both relaxing and soothing, making them suitable for all ages and any occasion. Similar to the Terrarium Workshop, you can choose from a physical session, virtual session, or a creative home kit. No need for any prior experience since each Art Jamming session will be accompanied by a professional facilitator who will go through colour mixing theory and also provide guidance throughout your virtual session. Such Epic Workshops are a great way to relieve stress and allow participants to bond through the power of creativity and art.

4) Balloon Sculpting Workshop

The Balloon Sculpting Workshop is a fun and interactive workshop that teaches kids and adults how to create amazing balloon designs! At this workshop, you'll have the opportunity to learn about the different shapes, colours, and textures of balloons. Make your own balloon pirate sword, butterfly, rainbow, and flower only with such Epic Workshops! Whether you're hosting a team building or birthday party, Balloon Sculpting Workshop is sure to be a hit among friends and family. Find out more about this fun activity with The Fun Empire!

5) Clay Making Workshop

Clay Making Workshop - Epic Workshops

Have you always wanted to design and craft your own clay figurines to put around the house or even in your terrarium? Come on down and experience what it’s like to make clay figurines with your own hands! You would be guided step-by-step so no prior knowledge is required for this workshop. Beginners would have no issues following along. Our clay is lightweight and toxic-free so kids can also tag along! Fulfil your family bonding time with fun Epic Workshops like this.

6) Candle Making Workshop

Candle Making Workshop - Epic Workshops

Candle making is a fun and interesting hobby that can make you feel relaxed and creative. Making candles is calming because it involves long, methodical steps like gathering materials, melting wax, designing the candle, pouring into the glass case and then waiting for the wax to cool down enough. The unique thing about candle making is that you can choose your own scents, and even mix and match. The process of dipping candles is also an opportunity to create something beautiful.

8) Cooking Class

Cooking Class - Epic Workshops

At The Fun Empire, we believe that bonding can be done through play AND food. Delight your palate with a fun cooking class and learn a new dish! However, you will need to work with all the members of your team instead of doing it on your own. Epic Workshops like our cooking classes are all-inclusive and highly effective in fostering interactions, forging bonds and allowing participants to understand each other on a more personal level. Create lasting memories with your coworkers by expanding and engaging in a culinary experience that’s fun and interactive.

9) Perfume Workshop

Ever wanted to create your own personalised bottle of perfume? Then you should join Epic Workshops like this to mix the best scents for you. Pick up tips from the industry experts on how to concoct various aromas with essential oils - Citrus, Floral, Fresh, Woody, and Oriental. Build connections with your friends and co-workers while having some fun in a workshop! Come learn how to make perfumes, meet new people and create memories together.

10) Wine Appreciation

Perfect for people with a taste for alcohol, see, smell and taste wine! In this wine appreciation session, learn how to tell different types of wine apart while sampling a wide range of wines! Share information with another wine enthusiast and perhaps challenge each other to see who correctly guesses more wines' age. Wine actually has tons of health benefits when consumed in moderation. It has the ability to lower cholesterol and decrease risks of cancer. Take time to explore this Epic Workshop with your colleagues, friends and family today with this interesting team building activity!

Epic Workshops

Epic Workshops are a great way to spend time with friends, colleagues or family. These workshops can be for team-building purposes and many others. The Epic Workshop options available in Singapore are limitless and the best are from The Fun Empire. For team building activities apart from these Epic Workshops, take a look at those linked below:

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