DIY Card Holder

A card holder is a small, compact wallet that holds your cards, whether debit, credit, or business cards, gift cards, and so on. You may ask - is it feasible to make one yourself? Definitely!

A DIY Card Holder is a fantastic method to show off your brand's image and creativity in an original way. They'll also be less expensive! Handmade and personalised things, according to research, immediately project a softer image to clients.

So, here's a list of 10 interesting DIY Card Holder ideas that you can make at home.

1. DIY Leather Card Holder

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If you want to add some class to your business, you may make a DIY Card Holder out of leather. It is one of the better materials since it does not quickly wear away. Do you have no idea how to work with leather or where to buy the materials?

We do, however, have a solution. We can show you how to make a DIY Card Holder at one of our many Leather Workshops. Facilitators will be there to guide you throughout the process and all materials will be provided. What are you waiting for?

Book a session with us to craft your DIY Card Holder now!

2. DIY Paper Card Holder

DIY Paper Crafts: Accordion Card Holder- Instructables Craft
Image credit to Instructables Craft

Because we all have debit and credit cards, card holders have become increasingly vital these days. As a result, having a card holder is essential, and it should be easy to carry with you wherever you go. Crafting this paper accordion DIY card holder can teach you new skills. It is lightweight, portable, and environmentally friendly.

To learn how to make this DIY Card Holder, go here.

3. DIY Origami Card Holder

Origami Business Card Holder - The Spruce
Image credit to The Spruce / Dana Hinders

This DIY Card Holder is created with origami paper, which is a stress-free material. To make your DIY Card Holder, all you have to do is acquire the material from your local art store and start folding. Folding is one of the simplest jobs available, but it isn't particularly long-lasting. You can, however, replace it whenever you need a new one. Make this DIY Card Holder with your family or friends as it can be a nice bonding activity!

To learn how to make this DIY Card Holder, go here.

4. DIY Wooden Card Holder

Wooden Business Card Holder - Instructables Workshop
Image credit to Instructables Workshop

Nothing is too difficult to make out of wood. As a result, you may make a DIY Card Holder out of wood. Get your work equipment out because this DIY Card Holder is simple and quick to make. This DIY Card Holder is both portable and stylish, as well as a showcase of talent. Keep an eye on how enticing it will be to everyone who comes into contact with you!

To find out how to make this DIY Card Holder, click here.

5. DIY Felt Card Holder

Image credit to Tinsel and Trim

If you're looking for the ideal present for your boss or business colleague, you've come to the correct place. This felt DIY Card Holder is high-quality and attractive. It's a one-of-a-kind present that says a lot.

All of the supplies for this DIY Card Holder may be bought at your local craft store. Complete this DIY Card Holder in less than an hour depending on your experience with a little cutting and sewing. It is also a fun bonding activity with your loved ones!

To learn how to make this DIY Card Holder, go here.

6. DIY Cassette Card Holder

Cassette Tape Business Card Holder - Instructables Craft
Image credit to Instructables Craft

One of the cruelest things you can do is wait for your card holder to wear out and tear. It is supposed to be carrying your important goods, therefore you should pay it a little more care in case your cards get lost or damaged. Hence, you can repurpose your old cassettes into a DIY card holder. The good news is that with old cassettes lying around, you won't have to cut anything or modify the size. This DIY Card Holder is a fantastic match for everyone and their cards.

Click here to find out how to make this DIY Card Holder.

7. DIY Crochet Card Holder

Crocheted Business Card Holder {Free Pattern} - Sugar and Stitches
Image credit to Sugar and Stitches

This wonderfully cut crocheted DIY Card Holder is perfect for anyone searching for a really crafty, fun, and cute homemade DIY Card Holder. You can make it as colourful as you want or add some unusual buttons to show off your uniqueness.

You'll need yarn, interesting buttons, and a 4mm crochet hook to complete this project. That is all there is to it.

To build this adorable DIY Card Holder, simply follow the simple directions here.

8. DIY Transparent Card Holder

DIY Transparent Business Card Holder- Collective Gen
Image credit to Collective Gen

Have you bought a card holder yet? So, what exactly are you waiting for?

It's a great way to have some fun while learning new skills with this transparent DIY Card Holder. This transparent DIY Card Holder is also a fantastic present idea for a fashionista!

Learn how to construct a simple transparent DIY Card Holder by clicking here.

9. DIY Mint Tin Card Holder

DIY Business Card Holder - Turning the Clock Back
Image credit to Turning the Clock Back

Have some mint tins left over after you've finished your mints? Make a DIY Card Holder out of these!

Simply place your cards in your changed mint tins and carry them in your pocket as usual. You can also use stickers, paint, decals, and other embellishments to customise the outside of your unique DIY Card Holder.

This DIY Card Holder really embodies the delight of working on a DIY project as it is a big part of the attraction and ‘coolness’ of it.

10. DIY Fabric Card Holder

diy business card holder -
Image credit to

What better way to display your valuable business card or gift card than with a DIY Card Holder? These simple fabric card holders are great for using up leftovers and are quite simple to make.

Everybody needs a wallet or a card holder, and a fabric DIY Card Holder can make a perfect gift for anyone. Alternatively, you may simply make it for yourself along with your buddies as a way to bond!

Learn how to construct a fabric DIY Card Holder by clicking here.

DIY Card Holder

This complete collection of individual DIY Card Holder has come to an end. We hope that the contents of this post has given you a better knowledge of the many DIY Card Holders that you may make and how to make them. We are excited to see what you come up with!

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