Corporate Workshop

Attending a corporate workshop in Singapore is a terrific way to bring people together and strengthen bonds. A corporate workshop promotes collaboration, friendship, and effective communication. This helps to strengthen the local working environment and team development in your team

It can be challenging to locate a company that offers corporate workshops for team building in Singapore during this COVID period. To assist you in narrowing down your search, we've collated some of Singapore's finest corporate workshops under $50/pax. 

1. Virtual Leather Workshop

Virtual Leather Workshop - The Fun Empire

Introducing our Virtual Leather Workshop! Perfect for remote teams, participate in this popular corporate workshop from the comfort of your own home. Before the commencement of your virtual team-building event, all leather crafting home kits will be delivered to the participants. Throughout your online session, professional facilitation is also provided!

In this corporate workshop, learn about the fascinating theory behind different types of leather, how to care for leather, and craft your own two goods!

Price: From $40/pax, FREE delivery to all participants included

2. Private Leather Workshop

Private Leather Workshop - Leather Workshop Singapore

Our Private Leather Workshop is unlike any other. With expert advice and hands-on training, learn the basics of leather crafting from start to finish. In this corporate workshop, learn how to craft a cardholder, key fob, or coin pouch from any of our locations.

Never before has team building been so creative. Leather crafting entails not only the creation of leather goods, but also the development of character, leadership, teamwork, and innovation - which is what a corporate workshop should help foster.

Price: From $42/pax

3. Virtual Terrarium Workshop

Virtual Terrarium Workshop - The Fun Empire

Looking for an engaging team-building corporate workshop? With The Fun Empire’s Virtual Terrarium Workshop, team members work together as they learn this new skill and take home their own live plants.

The popular and award-winning workshop has been turned into a digital experience by The Fun Empire. Each participant receives a Terrarium Home Kit that is delivered to their door. Terrarium-making certified facilitators will be there to lead this corporate workshop. They'll walk you through the process of creating your own miniature garden. You'll get all the supplies you need, as well as a cute figurine to complete the look!

Price: From $35/pax, FREE Delivery to all participants included!

Book Your Virtual Terrarium Workshop Here

4. Virtual Art Jamming

Virtual Art Jamming - The Fun Empire

The Fun Empire’s Virtual Art Jamming is another fantastic corporate workshop that can be completed from the comfort of your own home. Let your imagination go wild and create a masterpiece! All of the necessary materials will be provided.  

Choose either a Canvas or a Tote Bag painting session and get started. Our expert facilitators will walk you through the fundamentals of colour mixing theory as well as provide help throughout your virtual session. So, what exactly are you waiting for? Try this corporate workshop now!

Price: From $35/pax, FREE delivery to all participants included

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5. Virtual Clay Workshop

Virtual Clay Workshop - The Fun Empire

Do you want to improve employee productivity? The Fun Empire’s Virtual Clay Workshop is an interactive corporate workshop where employees work together remotely. Learn how to create your own clay charms or figurines. 

In this corporate workshop, we exclusively use top-of-the-line air dry clay that is both light and adaptable. During our live virtual clay workshop session, our skilled facilitators will guide you. Basic topics such as colour mixing, basic shapes, and important suggestions for handling and moulding clay will be covered. Create your own design by letting your creativity run wild!

Price: From $25/pax, FREE delivery to all participants included

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6. Virtual Balloon Sculpting

Virtual Balloon Sculpting - The Fun Empire

Looking for something new? Experience The Fun Empire's Virtual Balloon Sculpting — a fun and interactive corporate workshop that transforms balloons into whimsical creations from the comfort of your home. Have fun while learning new skills in a relaxed environment.

Starting from only $25/pax, Virtual Balloon Sculpting is an immersive corporate workshop that improves communication skills and builds teamwork!

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Corporate Workshop

We've reached the end of this article and we hope the contents of this post have allowed you to find a Corporate Workshop in Singapore, If you would like to find out more about a specific corporate workshop, take a look at the articles listed below.

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Or visit us on our company website for more information on a corporate workshop!

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