Leather Workshops Singapore

Leather Workshops Singapore

Leather workshops Singapore has increasingly become one of the most popular ways to spend free time and tighten the bond with friends, colleagues, or family. Coming back from leather crafting workshops, participants can bring home the one-and-only leather goods made by themselves. Due to the goods’ uniqueness and emotional attachment, it is important to maintain them in good quality. Here are a few simple tips to use and store your leather goods that were made in leather workshops.

1. Say no to detergents with residue

The basic way to keep your leather items clean is to use a clean, damp cloth and wipe over the surface once a week. Do avoid all detergents that leave residue or oily substances. Such materials create conditions for bacteria to develop, causing dull skin or fragile stitches that diminish the aesthetics of leather goods.

2. Use hair conditioner

The oily substance in hair conditioner helps lubricate and soften the skin, creating a more comfortable feeling during use. For this step, do not use products that contain petroleum or mineral oil as they will damage the leather in the long run. You should soften the leather if your item frequently gets exposed to sunlight and moisture.

3. Choose the right polish

Be careful when choosing the polishing products, especially with the polishes that contain colorants – a harmful substance that damages the natural leather skin color. Some products can also clog skin pores, causing permanent damage.

4. Away from the sun/moist

DO NOT leave the leather item in the sun for a long time, or else the skin color will quickly fade. DO NOT expose the product to sources of heat since they make the skin dry and brittle. The same caution is applied to moisture environments with water, sweat, and other liquids.

5. Avoid direct heat

For leather goods that got wet in the rain, use a soft cotton cloth to absorb water and dry the product in the shade. Avoid using direct heat sources such as dryers, high-pressure lamps, direct sunlight, etc. If leather goods appear moldy, use a soft cloth to wipe the mold off and store the item in a cooler place.

Leather Workshops Singapore

These days, more and more people enjoy leather workshops as it is an ideal bonding occasion with friends, family, and colleagues. We hope these tips can help you maintain the leather goods made in the leather crafting workshop for longer. If you haven’t had a leather good made by yourself, join us in one of the most fantastic leather workshops Singapore experience!

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Personalised Leather Goods

Personalised products are all the rage these days, and it seems like every other person has something with their initials on it. When it comes to gifts, personalisation adds to the thoughtfulness and creates an item that is unique to the giftee. Personalised leather goods are a great way to show off personality and can be found in many different places in Singapore. Here are some of the best places to get personalised leather goods in Singapore.

1) Public Leather Workshop

The Fun Empire - Personalised Leather Goods

Looking to share a workshop with strangers so that you can get inspiration from others? Design your own leather product and customize it with the initials of your choice. Be it a treat for yourself or a gift to someone else, come to the workshop with no prior knowledge and the instructor will teach you everything you need to know! Customized products are one-of-a-kind, so you will not find two items that are identical! Take the opportunity to learn tips on how to maintain leather goods and other tips as well.

2) Private Leather Workshop

The Fun Empire - Personalised Leather Goods

For company team-building, many people sign up their colleagues for private leather workshops. The reason being that leather workshops are very relaxing and sets up a time for the employees to bond through chatting and knowing more about one another through the hands-on activity. In private leather workshops, you will be able to create personalised leather groups with the help of colleagues you hardly speak to at work.

3) Virtual Leather Workshop

The Fun Empire - Personalised Leather Goods

The best version of leather workshops for remote teams would be the virtual leather workshop. Held on video conferencing platforms, this is most suitable for unprecedented times with gathering restrictions such as the pandemic. With a virtual session, participants are still kept safe with hardly any mingling between households. The leather kits are also conveniently delivered to the doorsteps of the participants. Learn how to create personalised leather goods with a virtual leather workshop for such benefits today!

4) Individual Leather Workshop

The Fun Empire - Personalised Leather Goods

Are you more introverted or perhaps want some me-time? Make your own personalised leather goods without any interruption by having an individual workshop. The instructor will be giving you his/her undivided attention so go ahead and ask as many questions as you like. You might even be able to bring your own items into the class such as paint or your own leather pieces to make the product more special.

5) Leather Creative Home Kit

The Fun Empire - Personalised Leather Goods

Don't want to leave the comforts of your own home? Why not try out the Leather Making Home Kit! Design and craft your own coin pouch by yourself or with the help of your family members. The leather kits will be delivered straight to your doorstep; at a discount for bulk orders. In the kit, you will find the leather piece, all the metal parts needed, a mallet, and some stationery along with the instructions. Everything you need is literally within the kit, so you won't even need to go out to a stationery store.

Personalised Leather Goods

Personalised leather products make for the perfect gift, whether it's for yourself or someone else! Personalisation is all the rage these days because you will not find two items that are identical when looking at custom-made products. If you want to give someone something unique with meaning, personalise their product today! If you are interested in other team-building activities, fret not for we have plenty to choose from. Simply click on any of the tabs below to check them out:

Leather Craft Workshop Singapore

Leather craft workshops in Singapore are a great way to spend an afternoon with friends and family. There is something about the skillful hands of a craftsman that can't be replicated in any other setting. Leather crafting has been around for centuries, so there is no shortage of experts to help teach you. In this article, we will discuss five different leather craft providers in Singapore that offer entertaining and educational workshops for all ages!

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1) Leather Craft Singapore

Leather Craft Workshop Singapore - Leather Craft Singapore

Looking to create and design your own leather accessories? Leather Craft Singapore is one of the best leather craft workshop providers in Singapore!

Learn to handcraft your own leather key fob, luggage tag or coin pouch through our fun and interactive workshops! With different packages to choose from, learn basic skills for working with leather along the way - you can even make your very own set of traditional throws like coasters and trays.

Our leather making workshop is perfect for date nights with your loved one, large corporate events, bachelor parties and bachelorette celebrations.

2) The Fun Empire

Do you love leather crafts? If so, there are a lot of options with what to make. Make a card holder, key chain, or coin pouch!

The Fun Empire is one of the biggest team building providers in Singapore that can handle hundreds of people at a time. They are registered with Vendors@Gov and GeBiz to help make your event as smooth as possible.

Come try a unique team building exercise with your work colleagues by crafting an attractive leather wallet for you and your department! You'll learn about leadership, creativity, and teamwork skills while having some fun.

3) Leather Workshop Singapore

Leather Craft Workshop Singapore - Leather Workshop Singapore

Leather Workshop Singapore offers great leather making workshops in Singapore as well as creative home kits where you can DIY your own leather craft.

They can even accommodate leather workshops in Singapore for as many people as you need, at their own venues or yours! With a team of professional events consultants, they are able to organise everything from game fixtures to buffet catering for your event.

If you're looking for something fun, why not try out the creative workshops by the Leather Workshop Singapore! Lots of fun and laughter will be guaranteed!

4) Virtual Team Building Singapore

Leather Craft Workshop Singapore -Virtual Team Building Singapore

Virtual Team Building Singapore has taken the workshop-format of their successful craft workshops and turned it into DIY leather crafting kits. The company provides all tools, templates, colours, and accessories from home with step-by-step instructions.

As Singapore’s first Leather Workshop Provider, you can take part in a Virtual Leather Crafting Singapore experience while bonding with your friends or colleagues. In their Basic Craft Skills workshop, they show you how to make your very own leather coin pouch or card wallet out of different types of leather.

Their Leather Making Workshop Singapore is perfect for beginners or anyone looking to broaden their knowledge of leather crafting!

5) Crafune

Leather Craft Workshop Singapore - crafune

Crafune is a Singapore-based company aiming to introduce leather crafting as a stress-relieving, therapeutic experience for all. It is one of the finest leather craft shop in Singapore that you should visit!

Situated in Singapore’s Arts District, Kampong Glam is a colourful neighbourhood filled with popular street arts, such as musical performances and handmade handicrafts. And that's where Crafune is located at.

Participants are provided with coffee breaks and would be able to enjoy the picturesque view of Haji lane after long hours of crafting.

Leather Craft Workshop Singapore

Leather crafts are a unique form of art that can be done by anyone with the right tools and equipment. These Leather Craft Workshop Providers in Singapore offer workshops for all ages, from beginner to advanced levels. Whether you want to make your own leather key fob or coin purse, there’s something out there for everyone!

We hope that this list of the Top 5 Leather Craft Workshop Providers will help you determine which leather making workshops to book for your next event!

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